What We Do



The Club has the following age specific playgroups:  

  • Infants & Toddlers:  Intended for babies not yet mobile, crawlers, waddlers, and new walkers.

  • Preschool:  Designed for kids who have passed out of the toddler stage, but are still younger than your average kindergartener.

  • All Ages:  Children of all ages are welcome to attend.  Typically the group meets in the park or at a fun venue meant for all ages.

*Children are welcome to attend along with their siblings.

Meals For Moms

Meals for Moms organizes the delivery of meals and/or groceries to moms in a time of need, including welcoming a new baby, an illness, or any other special need.  Moms within the Club volunteer to make and/or deliver the meals/groceries through the Meal Train website.  Any moms interested in receiving a Meal Train can contact the coordinator and specific arrangements are made based on dietary restrictions, number of people, etc.


Several times throughout the year we organize activities for our moms and kids that give back to the community.

  • Working with a woman's shelter to provide a fun day for their kids

  • Collecting food and school supplies for those in need.


We also sponsor drives for a variety of used items that can be put to use by those in need or to raise additional funds for charity. Examples include coats, work clothing and baby items.

Moms' Morning Out, Moms' Night Out, & Couples' Night Out

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We love our children, but everyone could use a little "mommy only" time now and then.  The outings are usually at a local restaurant, a member's house, or at some other local establishment.  It's a time for fun and conversation, sans the kids.

FIT: Running & Stroller Walk

FIT events are organized solely for the purpose of exercise and can be attended with or without the children. 


FIT STROLLER WALK .  Moms get together to exercise while walking their kids in the strollers.  The group meets once a month at the Saddle River Park & welcomes older siblings not in strollers anymore. 

Eat Play Chat

Members gather at a host's home to share dishes and recipes, which typically revolve around a central theme for the month.  A few examples are:  summer salads, Thankgsgiving sides, Christmas cookies, baked goods, etc.

Book Club

For all the book lovers out there, the Club organizes a book club meeting every other month.  Books are chosen by participating members.  Members can participate in the Book Club by contacting the coordinator.  

Field Trips

Trips to the local zoo, apple picking in September, pumpkin picking in October, trips to the local craft studio, photography shoots, and visits to bounce houses are just a few of the fun field trips organized by the Club.  Most field trips are open to all ages unless an age restriction is placed by the venue.

Coffee Talk
Book Club

Moms meet at a member's home a local coffee shop for a morning of conversation and coffee (or tea if that's your preference :).  These meetups welcome children of all ages.

Member Meetings

The Club holds its member meetings once a month to welcome new members, meet with existing members, discuss any future events, or listen to speakers regarding various topics.  Crafts are usually arranged for children while moms engage in discussions.


HOWL is a playgroup designed for moms whose husbands work late.  Playdates typically start at 5pm and usually include dinner.  Anyone is welcome to attend whether or not their husbands are working late.

Seasonal Parties

The Club holds various seasonal parties throughout the year.  These are spread out over the months and some examples are an ice cream social in June, Halloween party in October, cookie exchange in December, and a Valentines party in February.